African Fine Art

Evarist Chikawe, The Tired Woman, Date Unknown

I just loved this piece. The colors are so vibrant yet it doesn’t have that happy feel most colorful paintings have. One thing I found very interesting about this piece was the position the lady was in. At first glance it looks like her whole body is facing you but taking a closer look I noticed her feet and knees were off to the side. The more I looked the more I could feel how tired she was.
The artist Evarist Chikawe uses his art to speak about mother love and its importance for today’s world. He started his exhibitions at the age of 23 and believes his art is his way of protecting his cultural roots and traditions. His first exhibition was held in East African Art in Nairobi, Kenya. “My paintings identify Tanzania culture and traditional. I engage myself in figurative human being drawings because I believe my life is people.”-Evarist Chikawe Sadly, i wasn’t able to find much about the artist except lists of his exhibitions.



~ by Rebekah Telfer on April 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “African Fine Art”

  1. This was an interesting piece of art to see… it took me a while to see that her feet and knees were indeed off to the side. From what you wrote about the artist, I’m wondering could this woman be tired from the daily struggles of her African life, or perhaps she’s tired from motherhood activities? I agree that the vibrant colors don’t add cheer to the painting. In a way, it seems to me that the colors create a sort of “dizziness” adding to her exhausted state. Out of curiosity, do you know in which country it was created? Africa has such a wide spectrum of art styles that it’s fun to see how it can vary from one country to the next. Your blog was wonderful… thanks!

  2. Good personal interpretation of the picture but it lacked all of the other requirements. Why was this painting done? What influenced the painter to do this piece? I know that it is getting hard to finish out the semester but the descriptions of the painting help me as the view of your chose to know the artist better. Other then that you did a great blog and have one more to go, keep up the good work.

  3. Nice choice of art, this piece is very interesting. I did not realize her feet and knees until I started reading your view on it. You had some great details about the painting and I think it’s wonderful that as you look at it you get a feeling for the female in the painting. I did however realize there was not enough information about the painting itself. Where is this painting located? Is it a tired woman or what exactly was the artist trying to convey? More information on the piece would have been nice, but good job on your opinion of the piece!

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