Virtual Exhibit: Sand and Sea

Artist: John Dahlsen
John Dahlsen is a contemporary artist from Australia. He studied art at the Victorian College of the Arts and at the Melbourne College of Advanced Education. He won the Wynne prize which is a very prestigious award and along with this has earned other awards for his art such as “The Signature of Sydney Prize”

John Dahlsen, The Pass #1 2007

This painting was done in his response to the environment, in hopes of lessening the amount of litter that washed up on shore. I enjoy this painting for a couple of reasons. I love its simplicity and that from further away it looks as if it is a photograph. Also it makes me feel as if I am on a clean beach with no litter. The worst thing about going to the beach is playing with sand the has cigarette butts or plastic bags mixed within.

John Dahlsen, Julian Rocks, 2007

This painting is another one Dahlsen did in efforts to help with litter. He stated that he did notice that it helped locally but has increased globally.

John Dhalsen, Many Thongs, 1999

“I see that by making this art, it is a way of sharing my messages for the need to care for our environment with a broad audience. I feel that even if just a fraction of the viewing audience were to experience a shift in their awareness and consciousness about the environment and art, through being exposed to this artwork then it would be worth it.”- John Dahlsen

Artist: Ahmad Nadalian
Ahmad Nadalian is an Iranian artist committed to representing Mother Earth. The streams where he grew up have been destroyed and he is highly connected to streams and tides. He has performed his carvings of fish and goddesses in such diverse countries as France, Germany, Italy, the US, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, and Russia.

Ahmad Nadalian, Desert Tree

Ahmad Nadalian, Sand Mouse

I chose these because I found it neat that they were imprinted into sand and are therefore temporary. However to the artist its like a tribute to the waters and streams.



~ by Rebekah Telfer on April 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Virtual Exhibit: Sand and Sea”

  1. Wow, awesome blog, very interesting. I really like Dahlsen’s quote concerning how he wants his work to increase people’s awareness of the natural environment surrounding them. You were right on in describing ‘The Pass #1’ like it were a photograph when viewed with a quick glance, but after another moment of observation it is clear that it is a painting. I liked Dahlsen’s use of color in both ‘The Pass #1’ and ‘Julian Rocks’.

    Nadalian’s work which combines sand as a media and water as a theme is so unique. I can see what you mean when you say that his works are like a tribute to the waters and streams near his home which have been destroyed.

  2. I love this blog because it makes me think of summer! It is creative topic and it just puts me in a good mood. What do you like about each picture though? That is not clearly stated. They are all similar so there is a common tihng you can like but what individual parts do you like about each picture? Personally, I like The Pass #1 because it looks so real and relaxing it makes me want to go right now. I also like Seal Crab because instead of just imprinting the sand and taking the picture he kept the tool that he uses so the viewers could see how he did it. A little more background on the artist would have been nice to read about. Overall, I like this exhibit and the pieces you chose. Thank you

  3. WOW! This is such an awesome idea! I would have never thought of sand art. I really liked each of the works you presented. However, I noticed that a few of the works did not have any description or what your aesthetic reaction was towards them. And there is also a formatting problem where the codeing is still viable. Other than that i really liked this post. In the picture “desert tree” were you able to find out what he used to make that? Thanks!

  4. Wow, that was a really amazing choice of pictures. After looking at each picture I was excited to see what you had to tell me about it. I really like the information about the iranian artist and how he created his art. What a great idea to do a galary about envirmently inspired paintings. I agree that it sucks going to a beach and seeing cigerate butts, it takes away from the whole experince. Overall I think you did a good job a presenting your informantion, the only thing i think you couldve added is the year they were created.

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