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Louis Armstrong helped create a unique sound to jazz. He was known for his gravelly voice and his use of trumpet. He put his personality into his trumpet playing and performances. Louis Armstrong was a part of the Harlem Renaissance and played at many of the popular clubs. He helped influence jazz and with his solo trumpet performance he helped move jazz from a collective improvisation to having solo performers. He was also very talented at scat singing and it’s been said that he used his horn like a singer’s voice and used his voice like a musical instrument. The Great Depression was hard on jazz and many clubs had to shut down but Armstrong continued to play and even performed in a couple films. With the clubs shutting down Armstrong moved to Los Angeles where he played at the New cotton club and starred in his first movie, Ex-Flame.
I chose What a Wonderful World to share because it is one of my all time favorite songs. While it was later in his career I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity in posting it. I think after the hardships of Great Depression and all that African Americans had been through up until this point in time and history it is a beautiful song that portrays a world living in harmony. He talks about things all people share, no matter what race or economic status they have such as the sky, trees and rainbows. Louis Armstrong didn’t compose this song, rather it was composed by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss but Armstrong recorded it in 1968 and it was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999.




~ by Rebekah Telfer on April 4, 2010.

8 Responses to “Early Modern Post”

  1. I also think that this is a wonderful song. I had never seen a recording of Louis Armstrong before this, and I didn’t realize all the facial expressions that he makes. His voice is very unique, and I very much enjoy listening to it. You had really good information about how Louis Armstrong contributed to the Harlem renaissance, but you could have expanded a bit on how he tied in with the great depression. Very good blog though. 🙂

  2. WONDERFUL CHOICE, I absolutely love this song and believe that Louis Armstrong is great. This song was probably one of his most famous pieces and a good choice to write about. You had very good information about Louis Armstrong and you were correct that he influenced jazz by far. I did notice that not only was your blog short, but it did lack information, sorry! There wasn’t much details of why you liked this piece, or how the piece was connected to one of the influences during this era. How did the Great Depression influence Louis Armstrong and his music? I wonder, did he stop during the depression or was he one who kept singing and playing his music?

  3. That is a great song, love the voice. It’s probably more Mid-Modern in terms of time it came out, but he started out in Early-Modern.

  4. Really good blog Bekan, this was a great choice of music, i really liked video. I liked how your discussed both his influence on jazz and how he survived the great depression. Keep up the good work!

  5. Excellent choice, I especially like the lyric, “the colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky,” this song always lightens the mood. Nice work explaining that due to his popularity, Armstrong was able to continue performing through the great depression when other musicians couldn’t. I appreciated the video also, it’s so different to see a musician perform rather than only hear them.

  6. Wow, that was a really amazing choice of pictures. After looking at each picture I was excited to see what you had to tell me about it. I really like the information about the iranian artist and how he created his art. What a great idea to do a galary about envirmently inspired paintings. I agree that it sucks going to a beach and seeing cigerate butts, it takes away from the whole experince. Overall I think you did a good job a presenting your informantion, the only thing i think you couldve added is the year they were created.

  7. ok the comment above was meant for the gallery pictures… I’m going to post it again, sorry, lol.

  8. I thought you did a great job posting. Really connected it to what was going on at the time and showed how it influenced this piece. It is such a great classic and it was interesting to hear a little about the background of Louis Armstrong. Good job!

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